Robin in the Trees
diary of an urban adventure

Our aim is to shift habits of thought and develop narratives for different future(s).

The Peace and Love Studies is a platform for the strategical deployment of new ideas driving qualitative societal change.
We support disruptive, post-disciplinary discourses and practices at the convergence of cultural, artistic and academic contexts.
We aim to overpass critique and dedicate time and space for radical proposals and acts of imagination.
Our role lies in the development and dissemination of these dynamics, through research in curation, publication and education.

The Peace and Love Studies is a laboratory for questioning the notion of progress.
We interrogate our patterns and modes of thinking, and advocate for new conceptual framework(s).
We need new ontologies, epistemologies and ethics for the future. The 20th century paradigms need to be discarded.
Our agenda is to clear us from transcendental notions inherited from our essentialist and humanist cultural past.
We aim to emancipate our thoughts from the remains of outworn western philosophy.

Our statement is that this rupture is a necessary step for constructing alternatives to the logics of individualism,
competition and accumulation which are to be found at the core of the hegemonic neoliberal subjectivity.
We believe in the collective imagination of a non-capitalist future.

We believe in radical materialism.
We believe in relational ontology.
We believe in pure immanence.

We believe these ideas can change the world.

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