Robin in the Trees
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Agents of Change

At the Peace and Love Studies, we recognize individuals and organisations working in the fields of activism, art and philosophy whose work question and change the ways we think and relate with and as part of the world. We celebrate them as agents of change: through their anti-capitalist, depatriarcal and decolonial practices, they are shaping a different, ethical and caring society for the future.

If you think you should be part of that list, please contact us.


Sense lab
World Futures - The Journal of New Paradigm Research
stories for Change worm


Meg Stuart
Niels Coppens (or his collective)
Melanie Bonajo
Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Joanne Leighton?
Thomas Hirshorn
Ulrike Ottinger
fazle shairmohamed? (decolonial dance sessions) Timur Sim-Qin
Christine Wertheim & Margaret Wertheim
Cassie Thornton


Paul B Preciado
Donna Haraway
Vinciane Despret
Brian Massumi
Erin Manning
Karen Barad
Chantal Mouffe
Paul Audi
Carol Gilligan
timothy morton
Jane Bennett
Angela Chan
Jamie Heckert
(Denise Ferreira da Silva)


Laboratoire d’imagination insurrectionnelle
The Yes Men ?
Les désexcellents
minimal computing
Désobéissance Ecolo Paris

(for visuals)
Anca Barjovanu
Afra Eisma